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The most popular programming languages in 2019

A key skill to be savvy within the technology world of today is to know which are the most prominent programming languages and what are they used for. Did you know that there are over 1.000 coding languages out there? Seems overwhelming? Don’t worry, EASTCODE is here...

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Types of IT-Sourcing

What types of IT-Sourcing exist?                       What would fit best for your project and your specific needs?   Let’s help you and make these questions a little easier to answer.   As you can see from the diagram above created by the University of St. Gallen,...

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A cultural match?

What does it mean to have a cultural match?  I often get asked “what does it mean to have a cultural fit between companies and does this actually matter?” Let me tell you right away; it matters, and it matters a lot. Studies show that not having a cultural fit is the...

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Is outsourcing always the right choice?

Simply said: NO. Don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe that every company looking for additional resources should consider to outsource. This is not a simple yes or no question. if you want to make sure that it makes sense to outsource in your case you need to...

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Eastern Europe the hidden IT-Gem

During my time working in the outsourcing industry a lot of colleagues, potential clients and general people interested in this field have approached me with the following question:   WHY EASTERN EUROPE?  In a time where globalization opens possibilities to make it...

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