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What happens after I get in contact with EASTCODE?

We will analyze your needs and identify how we can help you with our services. The next step is to get a login for our Admin-Panel that we designed specifically for our clients. Here you will be able to specify your requirements, chat with EASTCODE employees or your matched agency and organize the offers you received for your project.

What are the initial costs to get first consultations?

Untill October 2019 we we do not charge our clients for first consultations. Even if you decide not to work with us after we already began the process you will not be charged.

How does the matching process work?

We have a thorough due diligence process in place that enables us to find you the ideal partner. This system is additionally powered by a machine learning software that makes it possible to evaluate data from houndreds of software agencies. 

Will you be involved in the project?

We’re always there for you. Depending on the model you choose we can assist with any inquiry during the process. 

How long does the process take?

We will contact you within two days after you send us a request. After we  discussed all the details we need about one week to analyze which companies could fit your need. In the next step we’ll specify your requirements for a pilot project and two weeks later you’ll meet the software agency of your choice. 

How many software agency portfolios will I be provided?

After we analyzed your needs we’ll present you 3 software agencies that fit your requirements.

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